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ArtFutura presents,

(Festival of Digital Culture & Creativity)

Sunday 1 December | doors 3.30pm | £5 concessions / £7.5 adv / £10 otd | BUY TICKETS


Today we live in the present future more than ever. We are right in the middle of two great crossroads that will determine the future. We talk about the Anthropocene and a new phase in human evolution, augmented and reconnected by technology.

Convinced that transformative technology must be centred on the human being, the future collective intelligence augmented by technology will become in a few years a deep global mind already announced by Terence McKenna at ArtFutura 92.

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Internet (IoT) will converge to create Collective Artificial Intelligence, whose language will be virtual reality and neurodigital telepathy. The collective immersion allows the fusion of people and the world into a whole. This will be the future, a world of expanded reality.



15:30 Doors
16:00 AV program – Futura Graphics
17:10 Artists Talk – Kimatica Studio
18:00 Q&A Richard Evans SENTINEL
18:30 Live AV Performace by Anna Nazo
19:10 AV program – 3D Futura Show


– AV program – Futura Graphics

Futura Graphics highlights the most brilliant shorts in the field of new aesthetics: digital animations, experimental shorts, videoclips and mixed works in the pursuit of new languages. With works by Alex Popescu, Lubomir Arsov, Nexus Studios, WOW Inc., Substance, Klub Simon, Michael Enzbrunner, Serjan Burlak, Mike Mort…

– Kimatica Studio – Artist Talk

Maria Almena is a Spanish London-based creative director and a multimedia artist, co-founder of the creative studio, Kimatica Studio, and art curator of Flux events. Maria’s practice research is exploring concepts of human consciousness and perception, making those transcendental ideas accessible to a modern audience, to inspire a reconnection with magical thinking. She is fascinated by the juxtaposition of the physical and spiritual, the virtual and real worlds, playing with perceptions aiming to transport the viewer into new worlds, using experimental technologies that help to dramatize the transition between different states of being and highlighting the importance of the journey in itself.



– Richard Evans SENTINEL – Q&A

Electronic music composer Richard Evans presents SENTINEL, a
spectacular audiovisual show inspired by the planet’s most urgent issue – climate change. An original soundtrack of analogue synths, electro-rhythms & live vocals accompanies data visualisations from award-winning artist Valentina D’Efilippo, video content and laser lighting for this captivating event. SENTINEL is developed with support from Arts Council England, Manchester Science Festival and Waterside Arts. A SENTINEL album will be released for download from Autumn 2019. His projects take inspiration from real-world science to explore biotechnology, machine intelligence and the environment.



– Anna Nazo – Live AV Performace

Anna Nazo is a performance artist working at the intersection of art, science, philosophy and computing technologies. Within live digital-physical performance, Anna Nazo’s work operates using spoken words/poetics that are co-written with AI in combination with drones, data and CGI. Anna Nazo brings in the performance poetics, brainwaves frequencies and flying robots embodied to manifest multidimensional supra-sensuous encounters, parrhesiastic truth-telling ethics, and the AI-drone-
human holobionts which enable quantum ghosting. Anna Nazo is currently a candidate for PhD in Fine Art (Performance), at the Royal College of Art, London, with Stelarc as an external advisor.



– AV program 3D Futura Show

Every year, the 3D Futura Show presents the most outstanding international works of computer animation and reflects on the evolution, both technical and in content, of this creative field. A program that surprises us every year with its originality and technical capability.



Office for Cultural & Scientific Affairs – Embassy of Spain, London

Supported using public funding by
Arts Council England

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