Music, Installations & Designs from the Augmented Instruments Lab

IKLECTIK presents,

Music, Installations & Designs from the Augmented Instruments Laboratory

Friday 14 June – doors 7:30pm – music 8:30pm | £5 adv / £6 door | BUY TICKETS

Introducing… new music, installations and designs from the Augmented Instruments Laboratory,

Augmented Instruments Laboratory, based out of the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, focuses on developing new instruments and interfaces for musical expression. The concert will feature a programme of performances by the designers themselves plus special guests, and an interval for exploring interactive installations.

Live performances by:

ROBYN STEWARD – Augmented trumpet

LIA MICE – live sampling + new percussive digital instrument

GIACOMO LEPRI – Chowndolo ensemble

KURIJN BUYS – Saxophone + electronics

ANDREA GUIDI – Live electronics + twitter

…more TBA

ROBYN STEWARD – Augmented trumpet

We are very fortunate to be joined by psychedelic space trumpeter Robyn Steward, whose recent performances include Tate Britain, a commission for drake music Scala. Robyn will be performing her one of a kind trumpet with effects using a micro controller called Barry (a Bela). Robyn also runs inclusive xonscience gigs at cafe OTO “robyns rocket”. ||

LIA MICE – Live sampling + new percussive digital instrument Producer, DJ and instrument designer Lia Mice’s live performances incorporate live sampling, experimental electronic beats and custom built instruments. She has performed in UK and internationally at Tate Modern, New York’s Museum of Arts and Design and

WOMB Tokyo. For this concert Lia will debut her new digital percussive instrument in a composition with live sampling on octatrack.

GIACOMO LEPRI – Chowndolo ensemble Giacomo Lepri, designer of the Chowndolo – an Interactive Sonic Sculpture combining FM synthesis, magnets and pendulums – will be joined on stage for a multi-player Chowndolo performance. The Chowndolo is an installation inspired by FM Synthesis researcher John Chowning, and is based on a magnetic pendulum: an oscillating stick whose trajectories are altered by magnets placed underneath the device. The unstable patterns produced by the pendulum oscillations are transformed into sound, articulating a music which evolves based on the pendulum motions. The magnets at the bottom of the pendulum can be arranged to compose new shapes. Different configurations will therefore modify the pendulum oscillations and the sonic patterns.

KURIJN BUYS – Saxophone + electronics

Experimental musician and instrument designer Kurijn Buys will be manipulating his (already irregularly performed) sax, using electronics controlled with his toes on a hyper dimensional sensor device.

ANDREA GUIDI – Live electronics + twitter

Andrea will present a Multimedia Live Electronics set for Solenoids and Twitter. The performance theme is Infinity and will be based on a pre-written music score that will be executed and integrated live during the show. A visual interactive counterpart will be displayed across the performance.

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