Biohybrid Buzz: an activation through tasting frequencies [MATINEE]

IKLECTIK presents,

PERFOMANCE AND SOUND INSTALLATION: Biohybrid Buzz: an activation through tasting frequencies [MATINEE]

Saturday 10 June 2023 | Doors: 2:45pm
Session 1: from 3pm
Session 2: from 4pm

Tickets: £8 Advance / £12 OTD

“Biohybrid buzz” is multi-sensory performance that invites you to taste a natural infusion to make your mouth vibrate in sync with a captivating soundscape.

In this multisensory acousmatic performance, the public will be invited to savor a drink made with a special Brazilian flower (also known as Electric Daisy, Buzz Buttons or Jambu) and sense a surround audio with low frequencies. The experience will activate mouth and skin receptors simultaneously.

This distinguished and unique experience was created in our cross-disciplinary investigation between an artist, a musician, and a sociologist. In this shared practice we will reflect on our bodies and how we might come to live with Living Machines?

The piece was created with data sonification techniques where the plant is the protagonist of the composition. The public will also engage with revelling the Jambu in a peculiar way where will excite a broad spectrum of senses. The idea is to appropriate Jambu numbers, bringing out a sound quality that does not exist in the natural phenomenon. To amplify this experience, we will present microscopic images in movement, the true colours inside the plant and a sound projection of the molecules.

It is worth highlighting that the content offered for ingestion is a safe product currently sold in the market as eatable flower by UK companies. We will have alcoholic and non-alcoholic infusion version and is optional to consume, the public may participate without having the drink.

Joana Burd

Photo by Ram Shergill

Joana Burd is an artist, educator and researcher of haptic aesthetics and sound art. She is collaborating as Honorary Research Assistant at the UCL Knowledge Lab working as a collaborator on the project, ‘Biohybrid Bodies: a sociological framework for living with Living Machines’. Joana is currently writing up her PhD research at Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona, where she is also working as lecturer. Joana has presented seven solo exhibitions, in the past year she exhibited her work in London (UCL, RCA), SBCAST (Santa Barbara, CA, USA), RIW (Rio de Janeiro) and Atelie397/Galeria Vermelho (São Paulo).

Nikolas Gomes

Nikolas Gomes is a sound artist and musician currently based in Lisbon studying a Masters in Production and Technologies of Sound at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias. His work deals mostly with the intersection of musical production and sound art, looking to push the boundaries between these two fields. As a self-taught programmer and DIY enthusiast, he focuses his research on the development of interactive audiovisual devices that can present new ways of interacting with sonic materials. Through them, he hopes to bring people closer to technology-based artworks.

Ned Barker

Photo by Ram Shergill

Ned Barker is a sociologist of technology and the body based at the UCL Knowledge Lab. He is currently PI of ‘Biohybrid Bodies: a sociological framework for living with Living Machines’, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. As an experienced ethnographer Ned combines sensory, creative, and collaborative methods to explore the complex relations between body, technology, and society.

Leverhulme Trust, Santander Investigación and European Social Fund, from ‘AGAUR’ Agency for Management of University and Research Grants, Department of Business and Knowledge of Catalunya, Spain. Other collaborators:Antonia Spohr Moro (producer)Carey Jewitt (research advisor)
Dr Han Hu (Chromatography advisor)Daen Palma Huse (model)
Dr Tchern Lenn (Microscopy and Imaging Technician) 
Franccyne Kuser Fegalo (Food Technologist)Luiza Kessler (Model and Performer)Louise Carpenedo (video recording) Marti Ruiz (research advisor)Nikolas Gomes (sound consultant)
Ramandeep Shergill (photographer)Xueming Xia (Research Instrument Technician)

Cover by Ram Shergill and Dr Tchern Lenn 

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