IKLECTIK presents,

Puce Mary, Oberon White, NAKED, Lee Adams, Joseph Morgan Shofield, Sarahsson, C-drík, Strange Attractor, Colossloth, The Begotten, GAKKO, Years of Denial, Broken English Club, Aventex and Hivern Liminal

25 and 26 November 2022

‘The Sacrifice’ Friday 25 [IKLECTIK] | Doors: 8pm | First Act: 8:30pm
‘The Libation’ Saturday 26 [IKLECTIK] | Doors: 5:30pm | First Act: 6pm
‘The Abyss’ Saturday 26 [Ormside Projects] | Doors 11pm | First Act: 11:30pm – Till 5am

Advance tickets £16.50 / £19 OTD per event
Full Festival pass: £36

Deriving from the word Greek “χθών” meaning earth/soil, a more direct translation of Chthonic would be “χθόνιος” which means “under, or beneath the earth”. Over 2 days in November, as we approach winter solstice with the nights becoming longer and the darkness enveloping the city, we summon upon IKLECTIK a chthonic state — to inhabit the world beneath our feet and to gaze upon the abyssal plane of the underworld.

‘The death is irreversible’ 

CHTHONIC explores the darker side of sound and performance whilst fostering an alternative environment that is open to self expression. 


‘The Sacrifice’ Friday 25 [IKLECTIK]
8:30pm C-drík (live)
9:30pm Sarahsson (live – spatial sound facilitated by Amoenus)
10:30pm Joseph Morgan Shofield (ritual performance) [CANCELLED]
11:30pm Puce Mary (live)
12:15am Aventex (DJ set)

‘The Libation’ Saturday 26 [IKLECTIK]
6pm Strange Attractor / Mark Pilkington (reading ritual)
6:45pm Colossloth (live)
7:30pm The Begotten (live)
8pm GAKKO (DJ set)
9pm Oberon White (ritual performance)

‘The Abyss’ Saturday [Ormside Projects]
11:30pm NAKED (live)
12:30am Years of Denial (live)
1:30am Broken English Club (DJ set)
3am Lee Adams (DJ set)
+ Hivern Liminal DJ set between acts

Puce Mary

Puce Mary is the solo moniker of Danish-born artist Frederikke Hoffmeier. With a long career in experimental electronic music – Puce Mary has a reputation for intense live performances that span from gripping renditions of cinematic composition to the full-on fury of off-the-cuff harsh noise.


Inspired as much by the natural world as she is by gore and harsh noise, Sarahsson fuses elements of classical music with metal, experimental electronics and hardcore, with a unique ear for melody, rich textural harmony and dramatic narrative elements. Her debut LP ‘The Horgenaith’ explores themes of transmutation, synaesthesia and the polychotomous nature of queerness; a multi-dimensional commentary on femininity’s cultural proximity throughout history to nature and rediscovering the body as a landscape, its constant state of flux and transience.

Joseph Morgan Shofield

Joseph Morgan Schofield (b. 1993, Rochdale, UK) uses performance, moving image, writing and curation to create future ritual. This ritual action foregrounds desire, grief and wildness, in the context of queer and ecological futurity; their acts of gathering and communion articulate a deep sense of yearning – both for that which is lost, and that which is yet to arrive. This ritual/performance/magic is relational, emerging through encounters between their sweating, wanting, sensate non-binary body and a host of agents – human and otherwise, including memory, geology, weather and myth.

Cedrik Fermont (aka C-drík, Kirdec)

Cedrik Fermont (aka C-drík, Kirdec) is a Berlin-based Belgian-Congolese composer, musician, mastering engineer, author, radio host, independent researcher & label manager (at Syrphe) who operates in the field of noise, electronic, improvised and electroacoustic music since 1989. He has toured extensively in Eurasia, Africa and North America. His main research focuses on electronic, electroacoustic, experimental & noise music from Asia and Africa.’this-is-not-intentionally-music’.-a-cedrik-fermont-interview.html


Ph credit Simon Marsham

Consolidations of the spaces between genre and sound.

Strange Attractor / Mark Pilkington

Mark O Pilkington has been making music with synthesisers and electronics for over two decades, both solo and in Teleplasmiste, Luminous Foundation, The Begotten, Raagnagrok and other groups. He founded and runs Strange Attractor Press and is the author of Mirage Men, as well as a regular contributor to magazines, anthologies and journals.


A one man dark electronic noise machine from leicester, signed to cold spring records and on his 4th critically aclaimed alum Promeathean Meat whic entered the itunes charts at 28 on the release date. Currently played over 500 gigs across the UK and toured with many bands and looking to tour in europe in 2023.

The Begotten

The Begotten – William Fowler, Justin Harries, Jo Fisher Roberts, Mark O Pilkington, originally formed to perform a live, improvised soundtrack to Elias Merhige’s legendary 1989 experimental horror film ‘Begotten’, which they did at a number of cinemas and galleries. They then continued to perform in more traditional music venues, as well as a soundtrack to Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages (1922) at the Prince Charles Cinema, their last appearance, in 2019.


GAKKO is the alias of Carolin Schnurrer, artist, DJ, instrument builder and designer Her work explores how human bodies connect on a primal haptic level and how we can use them to establish connections that surpass the limits of borders, language, and other such categories of exclusion. She was appointed as an artist in residence at at Haroon Mirza’s studio, collaborated with Klein at Serpentine Park Nights and has performed at the Tate Lates, MIRA Festival Barcelona, the Yard Theatre, ACCA Melbourne, the Barbican and Ø – a monthly night curated by the label Hyperdub at Corsica Studios.

Oberon White

PH credit: Tom Morley

Oberon White is a queer sonic artist & musician, performance maker, as well as a cabaret performer & host. Hailing from South Wales & based in London, they have shown their work across the UK & internationally. A classically trained vocalist, they are known for their combination of sung & spoken text with dense original soundscapes. Their performances veer between surreal dark humour & high camp trash. A delve into ancient queer experience, solo performance winegod was developed with the support of Arts Council England, Roundhouse & The Glory, & was presented to audiences across the UK.


NAKED is an alias of London / Berlin – based Agnes Gryczkowska whose music juxtaposes raw explosions
of hard industrial rhythms, noise and metal screamo with arias and monophonic lamentations. NAKED’s
confrontational presence during live performances shifts between extremities: from masochisms to
submission, from pain to pleasure, from violence to softness. The feeling of fear and vulnerability morphs
into that of empowerment, anger and hedonistic pleasure.

Years of Denial

Years of Denial is the alter-face of French musician Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist Barkosina Hanusova. With the use of hardware combined with vocals and a plethora of dub devices, YOD are re-visiting the dark corner of Post Punk, Industrial music and Rave culture. Their Live Electro performances fuse repetitive beats and pulsating arpeggios with heavy electronics and spacey psychedelic sonic treatment. Barkosina’s voice echoes and oscillates against snares, profound and wounded at once. Her dark romanticism and narrative poetry take us to unknown yet familiar places.


Prolific London, UK based DJ/producer who debuted on Blueprint in 1996. 

Founded his own label, Meta in 1997 and continued to develop his style towards a more dancefloor friendly brand of funky tribal techno, while retaining experimental elements and continuing to produce for other labels. Later set up a number of sublabels under Meta to cater for a widening repertoire of electronic styles, incorporating influences from jazz, funk, fusion, rock and avant garde styles of all kinds.


The biggest challenge any musician or producer has to face is whether their work can create a path that other artists will follow, or lay the foundation for the other artists. Juan Rico, the Asturian known as Reeko, is well aware of this.

Old Paradise Yard
20 Carlisle Lane

Ormside Projects
32 Ormside St,
SE15 1TR – London

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.