Thu 9 Nov 8PM | £7/5

Club Integral Presents: Anonymous Was A Woman
Thu 9 Nov 8PM | £7 / 5 conc – RSVP 

A night of music by women. Three very different sets from three extraordinary artists. Photo of Anne Garner by Alan Day.

Anne Garner’s lyrical work is inspired by curiosity and a sense of wonder, a hunger to
explore and explain the emotional inner life. The magic lies in the ambiguity, in the
unanswered question and the breath between notes. It’s in poetry and harmony that
Anne finds her safe space, in enveloping and beguiling moods, a place from which to
speak the unspoken. Anne will be performing music from her upcoming album, joined by Jo Quail on cello, Jack Hayter on pedal steel guitar, Nick Samuel on Saxophone and James Murray on guitar.

Mary Currie is a singer perhaps best known for her work with Gareth Williams (This
Heat). Williams and Currie recorded a limited-run cassette-only album Flaming Tunes in
1985, which over time has become a classic of the lo-fi DIY underground. Since Gareth’s
death at 48 from cancer Mary has worked with several collaborators, in particular Mick
Hobbs (Officer!) & Howard Jacques (These Records, Bermuda Triangle Test Engineers) in
folk group Bucket.

Lis Stewart plays mostly folk music on a 1918 Lachenal 55 key Maccann Duet concertina. She plays from time to time with south London folk collection The No Frills Band. For Ikelectic, she will be performing English, French and Scandinavian folk tunes, both traditional and modern. Expect driving rhythms and haunting melodies.