Corpora Aliena ‘Concrete Textures: Or Beauty from the Hard-Edge’

Corpora Aliena at IKLECTIK : ‘Concrete Textures: Or Beauty from the Hard-Edge’

Saturday 26th January, 2019 – doors 7pm | music 7.30pm | £8 adv / £10 otd (FEES APPLY)

Corpora Aliena is pleased to present a concert of diverse experimental music performances: Concrete Textures: Or Beauty from the Hard-Edge- featuring international artists and musicians including:

Vera Bremerton– who will create a concrete-hard sonic wall, not for the faint-eared. Live vocals and electronics, churning, breaking, burning, shaking. In praise of modernity and beauty;

James L. Malone – whose performance will be a live improvised exploration of macro-sound, coldness, brutality and opacity;

Laura Netz– will create a live audio-visual performance consisting of experimental electromagnetic power noise with DIY circuitry (LDR, Schmitt triggers, strobe lights and Induction Coils) and a handmade synth (oscillators and LFOs);

Sz. Berlin – Towards A Concrete Dystopia. This performance will explore the sonic and symbolic properties of concrete in London and beyond. Using field recordings and live electronics and processing, it will provide a soundtrack to the ambivalent and even terrifying status of concrete and Brutalism in the public imagination.

In addition to the live performances, there will be a screening of a new video by the Russian/Americam artist Anna Studinovskaya – and which re-explores the theme of racism in the United States, reflecting on voice, embodiment, and fetish through the commingling of sound and image.

The Concrete Textures: Or Beauty from the Hard-Edgeconcert is an exciting opportunity to see and hear some of the leading international musicians and artists who are a part of the contemporary experimental music scene.

Corpora Aliena is curated by Dasha Birukova and Bernhard Living


The Artists

Vera Bremerton

Vera Bremerton was born in Italy, where she was originally trained as a pianist. Gifted with a strong and expressive voice, she also explored various styles of singing.

After moving to London and discovering avant-garde and extreme vocalism, finally Vera’s voice turned into the powerful, sultry, emotionally intense instrument she displays in her songs. She now uses extended techniques and an 4-octaves wide vocal range that ventures up into whistling register to express the seismic emotions of a distressed soul. She always writes her own material, mixing Baroque counterpoint and polyphony with harsh timbres, strident swathes of distortion and pounding beats.

James L. Malone

James L Malone is an improvising electronic sound artist. His practice is mainly focused on the live investigation of feedback and interference within analogue and digital electronics.

He developed his approach to improvisation through regular attendance of Eddie Prévost’s London workshops.

He is involved in regular collaborations: Onin (with Joe Wright), and Frost&Malone (with Reuben Kyriakides).

Laura Netz

Laura Netz (b. 1982, Barcelona). Curator, artist, and researcher. Currently, she is a MPhil student at Crisap – UAL, where studies new tendencies in curatorial practices and cultural management in sonic arts. In 2006, she graduated in Art History (University of Barcelona). Consequently, studies at Master in Cultural Practices and New Media Art (University Ramon Llull). In 2009, established in Londonand  attends the curating course Central Saint Martins, (UAL). In the following year, she was granted to study at MAH Media Art Histories (Donau University, Krems, Austria). In 2011, attends the professional course for New Media Curating, led by Beryl Graham (University of Sunderland). As a musician she is Interested in sound art, science, technology and digital media, she is an active participant in hacking culture. Over these years, as a curator, she has taken part in many international events such as exhibitions, workshops, conferences, publications, and concerts in Spain, Portugal, UK, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Serbia, Russia, Hong Kong, the U.S., and Brasil. Among the collaborations, she developed projects with various institutions such as Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico, MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, CCCB Centre of Contemporary Culture Barcelona, MOTA Museum of Transitory Art, ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Arts. She has worked with the following new media festivals, ArtFutura, MUTEK, Alpha-ville. She collaborates with artists such as Locus Sonus, Scanner, Roy Ascott, Konrad Becker, Fran Illich, Milo Taylor, and Arcangelo Constantini, among many more.

Anna Studinovskaya

Anna Studinovskaya (b. 1988, Russia), studied at the Art Institute of Portland. Winner of the NOW&AFTER` International video art festival 18.

Sz. Berlin

Sz.Berlin (Schmerzzentrum Berlin) is a London-based cultural intervention force formed in 2007. It draws inspiration from German and European historical, cultural & ideological sources. It takes particular inspiration from the hidden history of electronic music research in the DDR, as well as from East German design culture and the Warsaw Pact. More recently, it has engaged with Irish history and continues to develop its sound and aesthetic. Sz. Berlin has performed at several London nights including Ill FM At The Others, Klub V.E.B. and Noise=Noise. It has also performed on location in Bosnia, Ireland and Germany.

In May 2011 the group participated in the Konjic Biennale with installations and a performance in the former Yugoslav command bunker. Sz. Berlin’s work in the bunker featured on Radio 4, Resonance FM and Art Monthly. Sz. Berlin re-emerged in 2013 with a London live action and a new video. Sz. Berlin also commissioned a thematic compilation based on the history of East Germany and this was issued in October 2014 by the label VEB89.

Studio work continued in 2015, resulting in the release of a new digital track. Following a period of intensive historical research and a/v production and editing, Sz. Berlin re-emerged in summer 2016 to participate in 2nd NSK State Folk Art Biennale in Ireland.

In 2017 the group performed aboard the historic DDR fishing ship, Ms. Stubnitz as part of the Primal Uproar festival in Hamburg. The material for this show was inspired by the East German navy and fishing fleets and will be released by VEB89 on CDR as Windstaerke Zwölf in autumn 2018.

The Curators

Dasha Birukova

Dasha Birukova (b. 1985, Russia) is a curator and writer based in Moscow. She graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia, art history department and at the Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK), Moscow, Russia, cinema history department. Her specialisms are experimental film, video and media art,

Birukova curated the “New Media” programme at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow) and co-curated the Festival of Media Art “VideoFocus” organised by NCCA (2014 and 2015).

She was a co-curator of the exhibition “Error Message” that was part of the 4th Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, 2014.

In 2016, Birukova joined the team of the high-profile project “Geometry of Now” curated by British artist Mark Fell, organised by the VAC Foundation in Moscow.

In 2017, she curated the exhibition “Pink Flamingos” at the art space BLEEK in Belgium.

Currently Birukova is a lecturer at The Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia, Department of the art historyandat the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow.

Bernhard Living

Bernhard Living (b. 1948, UK) is an experimental music composer, curator, poet and former multi-instrumentalist (playing alto saxophone, bass clarinet snd flute). He studied composition under the South African-born composer professor Stanley Glasser at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and philosophy under professors Jonathan Reé and Peter Dews at Middlesex University, London.

Living established Corpora Aliena in 2017. The aims of the project is to present live experimental music events, film screenings and gallery-based projects; to work with artists from the international community; to create opportunities for young and emerging composers, musicians, artists and experimental film makers; and to ensure that there is a positive gender balance by having a high proportion of female composers and musicians taking part in all of Corpora Aliena’s events.