IKLECTIK presents,


Saturday 1 July 2023 | Doors: 4:30pm – Start: 5pm
Our Kiosk opens 1 hour before doors.

Tickets: £12 Adv / £14 otd https://link.dice.fm/p279e0244d40

Bristol’s Music to Come coop invites friends and family for an evening of live sets and special collaborations, featuring dystopian sound poet BIPED, heavyweight industrial-rap duo Kinlaw and Franco Franco, and an improvised performance between Dali de Saint Paul and Wojciech Rusin. The programme kicks off late afternoon in the garden where percussionist Dan Johnson joins forces with Copper Sounds, along with Infinite Spirit Music and Avon Terror Corps on DJ duties.

Warning: Some performances might use strobes and/or flashing lights.


5pm Copper Sounds + Dan Johnson (live) in the garden
6pm Infinite Spirit Music + ATC DJs session in the garden
8:15 Wojciech Rusin + Dali de Saint Paul (live)
9:15 Biped (live)
10:15 Kinlaw + Franco Franco (live)
11:15-12:30 ATC DJs

Dali de Saint Paul

Dali de Saint Paul is a vocalist, a curator, a label member based in Bristol (UK). Since 2012 she has developed a wide network of collaborators performing improvised and experimental music. Best known for the Ephemeral Project 64 (EP/64) that has gathered more than 40 artists around her, and recently released on Valentina Magaletti’s new Permanent Draft imprint, she is also part of cinematic post-classical feminist band Viridian Ensemble and industrial duo Harrga, and was recently heard live on BBC Late Junction in collaboration with Maxwell Sterling.

Wojciech Rusin

Wojciech Rusin is a Polish-born audio visual artist based in London. He draws inspiration from alchemical and gnostic texts, early renaissance choral music and Eastern European mythologies. He released Syphon LP on AD93 in 2022 and The Funnel LP on Akashic Records in April 2019. He designs and makes 3D-printed reed instruments, reworking ancient designs with contemporary 3D modelling technologies. In 2020 he released Meat for the Guard Dogs on Cafe OTO’s Takuroku digital imprint, and the Rufus Orbis cassette for Boomkat Editions / Documenting Sound series. His music has been featured on BBC Four and he has worked for The National Theatre and The Southbank Centre.

Kinlaw & Franco Franco

Cybernetic-industrial-rap duo Kinlaw (producer) & Franco Franco (mc) teamed up for repeated spontaneous neural-freestyle sessions within the gorges and dungeons of Avon sometime in 2018. Their first release “Mezzi Umani Mezze Macchine” came out on Avon Terror Corps in April 2019 followed by their second album on ATC “Mega Dopo Mega” in 2021. The duo blends ill-cried nervously apathetic tales from the present and future upon blasted beats stuffed with reactors failures, nod+body-rhythms and Aztec whistles-driven frights. The pair have been playing at various events and international festivals including Berlin Atonal, Supernormal, Saturnalia, UH Fest and Skaņu Mežs. They’ve recently released their single “Crocs on the Plough” on NoCorner.


BIPED is a sound, image and language artist whose work to date extends from guerrilla installations and audio-sculptural interventions for protest. With a primary focus on the promulgation of humane, sincere and post-controversial satire and confessionalism, their janky ballads, cluttered IDM and poems full of gaps evoke the paradoxes of humour and gravity, everyday capitalism and ancient spirituality. A Town Crier for the digital age, BIPED is affiliated and has made releases with Avon Terror Corps (Bristol), QUEEF (Birmingham), Paravision (Marseille), Le Morozoff (Marseille), is a resident at Noods Radio, and is also working on a pantheon of modern mythological creatures and a fake corporation selling wellness.

Dan Johnson

One of the most exciting percussionists working in the field today, Dan Johnson has become widely known for the unique focus and intensity of solo and collaborative performances, and improvisations which are often site specific in nature, drawing on interdisciplinary influences from music, experimental performance, theatre and radical community practice. Among past & present musical collaborators are EP/64, Run Logan Run, Tina Hitchens, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, Annie Gardiner, Kit Wilmans Fegradoe, Ossia, Bell Lungs, Ben Vince, Laura Phillips, Yama Warashi, Copper Sounds, Guest, GNOD, Sarah James, Silver Waves, Jooklo 5 Beans, Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film Collective.

Copper Sounds

Copper Sounds are an artist duo who use traditional and contemporary processes to explore the physical and visual nature of sound. They see sound as a malleable material, and manipulate it through designing, making and performing with unique sonic objects. They started out as an experimental record manufacturer; making records out of materials such as copper, volcanic rock, chalk and ceramic. During extended live DJ sets they mix these different materials together to sculpt a dark, fractious and industrial dance floor energy. Recent work focuses on minimalist-inspired compositions, exploring the different acoustic and resonant properties of particular shapes, forms and materials. As well as making large scale ceramics, they have begun incorporating 3D design, 3D print and bronze casting into their work.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.