DOUBLE DUO: Butcher- Solberg  / Gal – Hayward

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IKLECTIK presents:

DOUBLE DUO: Butcher- Solberg  / Gal – Hayward

Wednesday 7 Nov doors 7.30 – music 8.00 pm | £8 adv /£10 otd  | BUY TICKETS [fees apply]

John Butcher – Saxophones

Ståle Liavik Solberg – Drums and Percussion.

After a first meeting in 2015 that produced their CD «So beautiful, it starts to rain» Butcher and Solberg have played in duo through several tours in Scandinavia, EU and England, plus collaborations with Agnes Hvizdalek, Joe McPhee, John Russell, Dominic Lash and Pat Thomas

“You can ask if the two say something new! The answer is yes, all the time. Not in the sense that the expression itself is unique. It is in the details and the many combinations that the specialties offer themselves. This release strengthens me in belief in the vitality and renewal of improvisational music.” Arild R. Anderson – Jazz i Norge

Sharon Gal – Voice and Electronics.

Charles Hayward – Drums and Percussion.

Gall and Hayward first met to play on John Bissett’s “Relay” Festival in Stoke Newington in the 1990s. Then they didn’t play again until this summer – for some remarkably fresh encounters.

“Telepathic magic ……. Hayward is one of the most life-affirming people who stalks this dark globe.” – SOUND PROJECTOR

“Sharon Gal removes her vocal cords one by one, firstly testing their elasticity, before coating them in phlegm and wrenching until they snap clean, or that what’s it sound like anyway.”  BOOMKAT


John Butcher’s music ranges through improvisation, his own compositions, multitracked pieces and explorations with feedback and unusual acoustics.

Since the early 80s he has collaborated with hundreds of musicians – including Derek Bailey, Rhodri Davies, Andy Moor, Steve Beresford, Eddie Prevost, Christian Marclay, John Stevens’ SME, Gino Robair, Polwechsel, Mark Sanders and Okkyung Lee.

Alongside long term projects he values occasional encounters; from large groups such as the EX Orkestra & Butch Morris’ “London Skyscraper”, to duos with Fred Frith, Akio Suzuki, Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide, Sophie Agnel and Matthew Shipp.

Compositions include “Penny Wands” for Futurist Intonarumori and “Tarab Cuts” which was shortlisted for a British Composer’s Award.

Ståle Liavik Solberg

Ståle Liavik Solberg is a Norwegian drummer  who is a integral part of Oslo’s thriving improvised music scene. Working with Pan-Scan Ensemble, Party Knüllers, Will it float?, Silva-Rasmussen-Solberg trio and in duos with John Butcher, Martin Küchen and John Russell his open and attentive drumming has delighted audiences in many different corners of the world.

Solberg is also known as the driving force behind the series Blow Out! in Oslo, and he curates the festival with the same name together with fellow drummer / percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love.


Sharon Gal is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, experimental vocalist and composer, with particular experience of free improvisation and collaborative group compositions.

Her work relates to sound, architecture, live performance and participatory art, exploring the psychology of sound and its relationship with sound.

Sharon performs solo and on-going collaborations with David Toop, Steve Beresford, Phil Minton, Alex Ward, Yoni Silver, Anat Ben-David, Lina Lapelyte and Andie Brown.

She also directs a series of participatory large group compositions and performances, examining the inter-relations between people and place.

These pieces are site specific; evolving collaboratively and inviting participation from the public. Her most recent work, Feel the Noise, for a large ensemble of over 30 electric guitars and micro amps, was premiered at Goldsmith’s Large Hall in May.

Sharon is a co-founder of Resonance 104.4 FM arts radio.


Charles Hayward is best known as drummer and songwriter with This Heat, Camberwell Now, Massacre, Quiet Sun and a string of collaborations spanning 45 years. Hovering between order and chaos, his music is in constant flux and travels across multiple sound worlds. Current projects include THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT, begin anywhere (an album of songs centred around the piano), and ALBERT NEWTON with John Edwards and Pat Thomas.