Friday 10 March 7.30pm FREE

ECHOSHED brings together a collective of like-minded musicians from the Royal College of Music dedicated to new and experimental music.

Metallurgy: from the Ancient Greek ‘metallon’ (metal) and -orgia (working). Metal is a symbol for industry and manufacturing, of mass production, construction and of warfare. It can refer symbolically to the industrialisation and mechanisation of our society. The machine-like workings of business, politics and consumerism all contribute towards a monstrous image of our  society as one giant and infinitely complex machine.

In a fusion of the acoustic and the electroacoustic, our upcoming gig ‘Metallurgy’ brings together these dystopian themes in new music for synthesisers, orchestral instruments and electronic improvisation alongside a custom-built mechanised light show. Let yourself be transported to a kaleidoscopic and ethereal musical landscape with ambient drones, trippy rhythms and high energy chaos.

Friday 10 March doors 7.30pm  – music 8pm Free