Ewa Justka & Aimo Scampa + Laura Netz + hmurd + Claudia Robles-Angel…

IKLECTIK presents,

Ewa Justka & Aimo Scampa (Measure Maniacs) + Laura Netz + hmurd + Claudia Robles-Angel + [ecolagbohrsac2021 DJ set]

Friday 4 March 2022 | 8:30pm [8pm door] – Open till late!

Tickets: £8 General Admission https://buytickets.at/iklectik/648392

Measure Maniacs

We, Measure Maniacs (Aimo Scampa and Ewa Justka) claim that the language lost its meaning. Human to human communication is now obsolete. We claim and practice non-verbal, extreme sonics to light, positive feedback loop based, nonlinear communication. Measure Maniacs claim that only by extremely precise and well measured, numerologically considered optoauditory feedback  and consequently ultimate sonic and visual chaos – a new portal can emerge, which will finally bring the new era and shift from anthropocentrism to cybercentrism. Join our laser and stroboscopic performance. 25.0000° N, 71.0000° W, 40°05′08″N 22°21′31″E, 37.2431° N, 115.7930° W, 11.5504° N, 92.2335° E, 21.2367° S, 159.7777° W
follow the numbers / MM/97

Ewa Justka usually either makes synths or get lost in rabbit holes. Alternatively, she turns knobs and confuses herself and others with strobing white lights and sequences of odd (as in, not even, rather than strange) sequences and bridged-t overindulgence. Ewa has performed at numerous festivals and run workshops in DIY electronics all over UK and Europe and other continents. She is currently based in Glasgow where she works for Instruo Modular. She is also the other half of the Measure Maniacs duo, which specialises in lasers, hoovers and kickdrums.

Aimo Scampa is a synthesizer enthusiast. He currently collaborates as a designer and builder with Instruo, and runs his own company Manifold research centre. He just really like synthesizers.

Laura Netz

Laura Netz (Barcelona, 1982). Participant at hacking culture and noise scene has taken part in many international events, such as exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and concerts. As a Live Performer, she has acted in various festivals and events in London and overseas: Noizemaschine, London; XX Studio, Montreal, Canada, 2015; Noise Toys Orchestra, Cafe Oto, London, 2015; Sonica FM, London, 2015; OneBeatEcho, New York, US, 2014. In 2014, she released her first record at the [EdP069] Editora do Porto. In 2015, she launched her independent record label EAM Elektronische-art-and-music.


Ph Credit: Eleanor Scott

hmurd makes electronic music, and has released with Gin & Platonic, TT, All Centre and Cherche Encore.

Claudia Robles-Angel

Claudia Robles-Angel: new media/sound artist. Her work and research cover different aspects of visual & sound art, which extend from audiovisual fixed-media compositions to performances/installations interacting with biomedical signals. Her work is constantly featured in media/sound-based festivals/conferences, group/solo exhibitions around the globe e.g. ZKM Karlrsruhe, CMMAS Mexican Center for Music & Sound arts Morelia, Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA, NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival; NIME; STEIM, Harvestworks NYC, Heroines of Sound Berlin, Audio Art Festival Cracow & RE:SOUND Aalborg.


Logo by Endless Prowl

ENGLAND’S COUNCIL OF LEGISLATION AND GOVERNING BODY OF HYPER REAL SIMULATIONS AND CONSTRUCTSis an organization dedicated to the study and governance of the cumulus of transient folklore that underlie the fabric of research in meta-worldbuilding and tracing the origins of various virtualities embedded into the contemporary society through the digital. In doing so, the council utilizes Darknet curation markets of music production —in the style of occulted grime, medieval speedcore and horse-riding ambient— and cryptoeconomics, apparatuses that process signs, recompilation and pseudepigraphy, philosophy of the mind, research in artificial intelligence, hyperreality, quantum physics, textual divinations and sonic experimentation. It’s been founded by a pariah from a secret guild [after an ancient deal has been broken] in a sacred place capable of representing.

Event produced by IKLECTIK

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.