Film Talks Live: Nicky Hamlyn / Lynn Loo / Guy Sherwin

IKLECTIK presents,

Film Talks Live: Nicky Hamlyn / Lynn Loo / Guy Sherwin

Thursday 20 January 2022 | 7:30pm [7pm doors]

Tickets: £7 General Admission

The first in a series of events at IKLECTIK, which are presented in association with the new publication Film Talks: 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema, is a screening of expanded and experimental cinema from the internationally renowned artists, Lynn Loo, Guy Sherwin and Nicky Hamlyn.


Lynn Loo Washi MM (2017, 3 x 16mm projector performance, colour, optical sound, approx. 15mins)
This work explores lines, shapes, shadows, depth and light through rhythmic changes in the patterns that create both images and sounds in the film. It makes use of patterned Washi tape applied to clear 16mm film. The MM in the title is for the artist Mary Martin from whom I draw inspiration from in this series.

Split Wires (16mm, 3 screen projection, b/w, silent, 6 mins.)
Cables running alongside railway lines, filmed from the train, spread across three screens. The carriage is the projector and the landscape the moving filmstrip. In the second half, the film is split along its length and realigned.

Nicky Hamlyn Quartet (2007, 16mm, colour and b/w, silent, 8 minutes)
Four variations on a sequence of 21 shots around a room. The first two are filmed according to strict rules: camera
perpendicular to subject, camera in a single position. The second two are freer (quodlibet). The shots are concatenated
such that spatial continuity is maintained by slight overlaps of framing.

Nicky Hamlyn Kerfissien-Amlodipine (2020, video, colour and b/w, silent, 7 minutes)
Constructed from shots of tidal seawater running over rippled sand in Kerfissien, Finisterre, and the blister pack for
Amlodipine, a blood-pressure reducing drug. Two kinds of energy are visualised, the reflecting waves of sea water
running over rippled sand on a beach, and kinetic-optical energy, generated by the animation of single frames of image running in three-frame loops.

Lynn Loo Conversations: for Iklectik (2022, video, colour, sound, 15min)
A mix of home videos and captured sounds are assembled here with the intention of making a digital colour mural. This version has been edited for the screening at IKLECTIK.

Guy Sherwin Remjet #3 (2017/22, 3 x 16mm projector performance, colour, optical sound, approx. 12 mins)
Remjet, or Rem-Jet, is the name given to the removable jet-black backing of raw colour film. I had some outdated rolls lying around and wondered how I could use them, by working directly onto the filmstrip, since the film is all but opaque on both sides. However, if you scratch a line into both sides, where the lines cross it produces a pinpoint of light. This also produces sound through the projectors’ optical sound system. This was the starting point for a number of related works in film/performance. Remjet was the original single-screen film and Remjet #3 adapts this into a performance, using two looped projectors along with the linear projection.

Nicky Hamlyn 4 x 3 x 2. (2018, performance with two identical 16mm loops, b/w, sound, approx. 10 mins)
Two identical, four-frame cycles (neg-pos) generate unstable virtual movements through shifting juxtapositions and superimpositions.

Artists bio

Nicky Hamlyn

Nicky Hamlyn’s work includes 16mm films, expanded works and video. He often uses the camera as a means to explore his immediate environment, testing ideas about representation and the productive relationship between the lens, the frame and the form of his subject matter.

Lynn Loo

Lynn Loo was raised in Singapore and taught music before moving to Chicago to study experimental film at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Loo’s work often involves a direct manipulation of film stock and printing processes. The expanded 16mm film performance Vowels & Consonants (2005) marked the start of her collaboration with Guy Sherwin.

Guy Sherwin

Guy Sherwin began making films at the London Filmmakers Co-op. His Short Film Series (1975–ongoing) and live performance pieces such as Man with Mirror (1976–ongoing) involve human, animal, and natural phenomena transcribed as filmic subjects, while his optical sound films and performances explore a variety of abstract audio-visual ideas.

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