Gabriel Prokofiev presents: Oscillations label Launch


Gabriel Prokofiev presents: Oscillations label Launch
ft: Jonty Harrison / Ibukun Sunday / Dulcis Ensemble / Classical Mechanics / John Richards (Dirty Electronics) / Louise Rossiter / Barbara Stahl / Philippe Petit

Sunday 3 July 2022 | 4pm – 11pm

Tickets: £8.50 Advance / £12 OTD

Composer Gabriel Prokofiev launches ‘OSCILLATIONS’, a new label that releases: Electronic music with a narrative.

A mini-festival starting at 4pm and continuing into the night.

Expect striking live electronic music that tells stories; music that reflects on social and personal themes; presented in immersive surround-sound, using Iklectik’s special multi-speaker, ambisonics system. A move away from the minimalist approach that dominates the electonic music scene., a chance to close your eyes and enjoy ‘cinema for your ears’. + Imaginative DJ-sets (in the Iklectik yard) will alternate with the live performances.

– Gabriel Prokofiev will give the world premier performance of his new EP: Howl! (an intense electronic composition that explores the struggles of protest & onslaught of disinformation). And give the UK premier of his recent album: Breaking Screens (for Electronics & Strings – alongside leading Nigerian String Ensemble: Dulcis Ensemble – who will also perform their own works)

– Ibukun Sunday, rising star of Nigerian alternative electronic music, will present his unique analogue synths and field recording soundscapes.

– Jonty Harrison, Leading electroacoustic composer & founder of pioneering 3D sound-system: BEAST, (and also Gabriel Prokofiev’s teacher at Birmingham University) will take the audience on an exquisite deep listening experience with his delicately composed contemporary music concrete. A rare chance to some of his most recent works diffused by the composer himself.

– Dirty Electronics (aka John Richards) will presents a brand new work exploring narrative form within his world of self-made electronic circuitry. 

Louise Rossiter, awarding winning sonic artist, combining image & immersive sound.

DJ-sets in the Iklectik yard will come from: Barbara Stahl, Classical Mechanics, Gabriel Prokofiev and Philippe Petit

Gabriel Prokofiev

Gabriel Prokofiev is composer & producer of electronic & classical music. He is the founder of Nonclassical label & events, and in 2022 Oscillations. Through Nonclassical, he has been one of the leading proponents of presenting classical music in non-traditional venues, & created remixes of classical which are the central focus of his DJ sets. He cut his musical teeth in the 00s producing electronic music & Grime, before returning to his classical roots with a new urban-influenced vocabulary. He has composed electronic scores for Rambert Dance & Stuttgarter Ballet, His Concerto for Turntables has been performed by over 30 orchestras word-wide.

Philippe Petit

Since the early 2000s I have been introduced as a « musical travel agent » and been performing the world, playing festivals all over Europe, Russia, Poland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia & Asia… Feeling lucky to release on several international labels such as Aagoo, Opa-Loka, Southern UK, Monotype, Alrealon Musique, Beta Lactam Ring, Sub Rosa, HomeNormal, Important, HelloSquare, Public Eyesore, Utech, Staubgold, etc… Not musically trained/educated I lie outside the Classical genre but my scores incorporate traditional classical components in a predominantly unconventional manner.

Ibukun Sunday

Ibukun Sunday is a sound artist and a violist and also a classical musician from Nigeria, living and working in Lagos Nigeria. Ibukun use sound to create electronic music, sound art, noise music, field-recording dark ambient and improvisations. He makes sounds to connect wild and human feelings. His kind of sound is a transcendental sound journey into the inner depths.

Louise Rossiter

Louise Rossiter is an award winning Electroacoustic composer and sound artist based in Leicester, UK
Louise’s works aim to provide a highly immersive sonic experience which are in some way,
unpredictable. She is currently composing a series of pieces which explore the work of Fritz Kahn, who
revolutionised the area of infographics by producing images representing the human anatomy as
complex pieces of machinery. This project provides a tangible link to explore between sound, imagery
and imagination to explore expectations. Louise’s music has been awarded in several international
competitions, and in 2021, Louise was awarded Prix Russolo for her composition Synapse. the first
female composer awarded since its inception in 1979.

Jonty Harrison

Is a composer and professor of multichannel ‘acousmatic’ electroacoustic music, with a particular interest
in the use of real-world sounds. Many of his compositions are notable for their economic use of sourc
sounds, such as his seminal work ‘Klang’ (1982), which creates a rich gestural composition from just the
sounds of an earthenware casserole dish. Over the past 40 years he has taught a number of composers
from the UK and overseas, many of whom are now leading figures in the composition and teaching of
electroacoustic music themselves. In 1982 he founded BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound
Theatre), which is recognised as one of the leading multi-speaker sound systems for the presentation of
acousmatic music (music composed especially for loudspeakers) in the world.

Dulcis Ensemble

Dulcis Ensemble are one of the leading independent string ensembles in Lagos, Nigeria. They have collaborated several times with composer/Kora-player Tunde Jegede as part of his Nok Orchestra. They all trained in as classical string musicians in Lagos Nigeria. They are briefly visiting London in 2022, and this will be their only offiicial London performance this year.

Classical Mechanics

Marcas Lancaster is a composer, producer, synthesist & DJ based in London. He has collaborated with a diverse range of artists and labels including Man Like Me, Black Butter, Kitty Yo, Sony, Ministry of Sound and the Rambert Dance Company. As an engineer he has mixed records for K7, Non-Classical & Crammed Discs and has also assisted producer Paul Epworth. His music has been played and performed widely, notably at London’s Royal Opera House and Royal Festival Hall. He is currently releasing music as ‘Classical Mechanics’, producing singer-songwriter Lily Lyons for Black Butter (Sony) and developing unsigned artists. Classical Mechanics is a valve driven, analogue hardware based electronic music project inspired by IDM, The Third Stream, modernism and experimental music generally. An EP entitled ‘Count Basis’, made with the assistance of Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw, was the entity’s first offering and was released by 2020 Vision in 2019. A second EP entitled ‘Sealand’ was recently released on Nonclassical.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.