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IKLECTIK presents

Wednesday 3 October 7pm doors | £ 3 adv / £5 otd  BUY TICKETS (fees apply)

GESAMTKUNSTWERK LAIBACH 2018 | LONDON BOOK LAUNCH (Panel discussion with screenings)

For nearly forty years now, the Slovenian art collective Laibach have fascinated their audience with totalitarian symbolism and constantly changing music styles. In this volume, German- and English-speaking scholars examine the elusive phenomenon that is Laibach using a variety of perspectives and approaches in survey chapters and individual case studies that cover the entirety of Laibach’s oeuvre, from the group’s beginnings in post-Tito Yugoslavia in the early 1980s, up to their 2017 album Also sprach Zarathustra.

Gesamtkunstwerk Laibach offers exciting new interpretations of a band that continues to thrive artistically, astonishing the international cultural scene with their unpredictability and genius for provocation.

Panel discussion with :


Research Fellow, Burren College of Art. Alexei Monroe’s book on Laibach and NSK has been published in Slovenia, America, France and Germany. In 2010 he co-organised the symposium for Laibach’s 30thanniversary event. He was programme director of the First NSK Citizens’ Congressand edited the Congress book,State of Emergence. In June 2016 he organise the 2ndNSK State Folk Art Biennale.He co-edited the book Test DeptTotal State Machine and is the author of Autopsia Thanatopolis.


Educated at Reading University and trained at Guildford School of Acting, with a PhD in Laibach and the NSK from Anglia Ruskin University. A freelance theatre practitioner and director of over 150 theatre productions, artistic director of the Regenerator Theatre Company, Resident Director of Theatre of the Wheel, and associate director of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival.


Reader in German at Aston University, Birmingham; editor of the volume Gesamtkunstwerk Laibach; several books on German literature and pop music; general introduction on Kraftwerk forthcoming with Penguin publishers


Reader in Film,Television and Moving Image at the University of Westminster; author of Guerrilla Networks(2018)on radical media in the 1970s, editor of Music/Video (2017) and author and editor of several publications on post-punk, industrial and noise musics, including several articles on Laibach.

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