In-grid: Chain

IKLECTIK presents,

In-grid: Chain

Wednesday 16 November 2022 | Doors: 7pm | Start: 8pm
Our outdoor Kiosk is open from 4pm.

Tickets: £6 Students / £8 Advance / £10 OTD

Building from recent critical and playful experiments in club environments at Corsica Studios and SET Studios, art collective In-grid continue to test the boundaries between live event and installation during an evening of experimentations with devices and data at IKLECTIK on Wednesday 16 November. In-grid bring interactive, multi-format work into a performance space, communicating with IKLECTIK’s unique AMOENUS soundsystem. Performers including movement practitioner Shai Rapoport and singer Christina Karpodini will collaborate with devices during the event, becoming part of the system In-grid have engineered: performers and attendees alike will shape the visual and sonic landscape in which they find themselves. From their formative residency at arebyte Gallery to their recent site-specific celebrations, In-grid have staged consistently well-received work, interrogating digital labour, virtual existences, surveillance and broken systems while embracing visibility in their working processes and leading with a spirit of vibrancy and hope for new forms of togetherness.

In Chain, have confined echoes of unending, circular labour into an observable loop of digital processes. This feedback system works to pass on data: the machine does not ache and sweat where we might, and instead is obedient with its output. But nothing is perpetual or perfect: the system demands input, and is leaky, lossy; devouring and quickly forgetting the last gift of interaction offered to it. Models of hermetic processes break down on examination – nothing lasts forever and everything returns to rot. In-grid invite you to an evening of interaction and communion among strange devices, where something of the fragile systems we are embedded in may be laid bare.


In-grid is a web-based gallery space, archive and artwork. Publicly launched on 1 June 2020, the process-led programme of interventions aims to reveal what collaborative making might be, and what disruptive methods of artistic production can offer in terms of physical and online outputs. Through artistic intervention, performance moments and a public programme of events, In-grid questions how we exchange concepts and communicate as individuals and as collectives. In-grid was born from a six-week group residency at Arebyte gallery in 2020 and the name now refers to the collective formed of many of the residents as they continue to work together. In-grid members contributing to this event: Rebecca Aston, Megan Benson, Romain Biros, Batool Desouky, Johanna de Verdier, Rob Hall, Yewen Jin, Veera Jussila, James Lawton, Sunny Liao, Izzy Nakhla, Hazel Ryan, Katie Tindle, Nate Townsend.

Shai Rapoport

Shai Rapoport is an Israeli multi-disciplinary artist, creative technologist, and mover. In the past two years he has been exploring the ever-changing connections and disruptions between computational processes and the physical sensory reality. His background in dance-theatre and performance has informed this journey full of compiling errors, conversations with arguably intelligent entities, and fights over who’s in control.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.