Jaine Laine

0 Posted by - October 1, 2014 - Exhibition: Past


Jaine Laine is a photographer whose work mainly pertains to documentary and portraiture.
Her work encompasses 30 years and has had major show in London, Liverpool and New York.

The body of work shown here is part of an ongoing collection of self portraiture which commenced in 1989. This is a subject which has continually fascinated and challenged her ever since not recognising herself in photographs that others had taken of her.

We tend to portray a completely different person to the camera with someone else operating it. Now with the popularity of ‘the selfie’ it has become quite clear that we tend to want to see something else which is not actually us. Usually this will involve trying to make ourselves more attractive and popular, therefore providing false information. From the earliest portraits where due to timing and custom our ancestors assumed poses that were rigid and false, we now perform the same actions in front of our phones. The photos and installations shown here best represent myself in my time as a wife, mother, times of solitude and pain alongside times of humour and happiness.