John Butcher, Hannah Marshall, N.O.Moore & Eddie Prévost

IKLECTIK presents,

John Butcher, Hannah Marshall, N.O.Moore, Eddie Prévost

Wed 26 June – doors 8.00pm – music 8.30 | £6 adv / £8 door BUY TICKETS 

John Butcher – Saxes

Hannah Marshall – Cello

N.O. Moore – Modular Moog guitar

Eddie Prévost – Percussion

This quartet of improvising musicians will play two sets, exploring the interaction of acoustic and electronic sound, and how the distinction between the two can tend to indiscernibility.  Irrespective of whether it is electronic or acoustic sound that is being dealt with, this quartet – featuring some internationally acclaimed players – engages with the potential of sound, not merely in terms of bringing what is potential into actuality, but of invoking the impotential of sound: what is not actualised but which, nevertheless resonates in what is to be heard.  This is not a question of silence (as noise or absence), but one of affectivity, intensity, and environment.  To this end, the music of this quartet seeks to offer new lines of flight, plastic re-embodiments, and the refusal of control.  In other words: bio-sonorous affirmation.

John Butcher

John Butcher’s music ranges through improvisation, his own compositions, multitracked pieces and explorations with feedback and unusual acoustics.

Since the early 80s he has collaborated with hundreds of musicians – including Derek Bailey, Rhodri Davies, Andy Moor, Steve Beresford, Eddie Prevost, Christian Marclay, John Stevens’ SME, Gino Robair, Polwechsel, Mark Sanders and Okkyung Lee.

Alongside long term projects he values occasional encounters; from large groups such as the EX Orkestra & Butch Morris’ “London Skyscraper”, to duos with Fred Frith, Akio Suzuki, Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide, Sophie Agnel and Matthew Shipp.

Compositions include “Penny Wands” for Futurist Intonarumori and “Tarab Cuts” which was shortlisted for a British Composer’s Award.

Hannah Marshall

Hannah experiments with approaches to playing the ‘Cello, mainly using improvisation, working with a range of groups and projects in the UK and Europe, makes sound tracks & theatre with a visual theatre company, The Ding Foundation, which she co-runs with designer and maker Amelia Pimlott, and collaborates with other artists in the fields of experimental music, dance, theatre, storytelling, visual art and film. Hannah has been known to fulfil roles like performer, sound designer, composer, facilitator, devisor, puppeteer, and outside ears/eyes. She is an active educator working with individuals of diverse ages, backgrounds, abilities and spectrums either alone or in community and group settings. Apart from the projects mentioned below, other musicians Hannah has worked and played with include John Butcher, Fred Frith, Simon Roth, Kay Grant, Mandy Drummond, Ntshuks Bonga, Orphy Robinson, Sylvia Hallett, Shabaka Hutchings, Suichi Chino, Atsuko Kamura, Alex Hawkins, Terry Day, Ansuman Biswas, Sarah Gail Brand, Maggie Nicols & Christian Marclay. She have created scores and soundtracks for various performance ensembles including the People Show, Anton Mirto, Improbable Theatre, 20 Stories High, Tom Morris, Arlette George, A2, The Young Vic, Battersea Arts Centre, Norwich Puppet theatre, The Little Angel Theatre, Wild Theatre & Mayuri Boonham.


Electric guitarist who approaches the instrument as a way to control voltage.  Increasingly using the Moog guitar, which allows for infinite sustain and control over harmonic content, he is also interested in integrating the instrument into a modular set up in pursuit of a widened timbral spectrum, and greater interactive randomness.

Eddie Prévost

Eddie Prévost plays with immense fire, grace and invention. Founder of the essential AMM, collaborator of the greatest improvisers internationally, since the 60’s he has kept a continuous contact with the scene and always manages to invent anew his contribution to “meta-music”.

“Prévost’s free drumming flows superbly making use of his formidable technique. It’s as though there has never been an Elvin Jones or Max Roach.” – Melody Maker

“Relentlessly innovative yet full of swing and fire.” – Morning Star


John Butcher photo by Fabio Lugaro

Eddie Prévost and NO Moore photos by David O’Connor

Hannah Marshall photo by Daryl Feehely