LIO – London Improvisers Orchestra

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The London Improvisers Orchestra is dedicated to free and conducted improvisation.
It draws on a large and shifting pool of improvising musicians from London and beyond.

Sunday 7 July doors 8pm – music 8.30pm | £7/5  tickets on the door

Current line-up: Charlotte Keeffe, Jonny Martin – trumpet, flügelhorn; Terry Day – bamboo pipes, recorder; Neil Metcalfe – flute; Emily Shapiro – clarinet, bass clarinet; Sue Lynch – tenor saxophone, clarinet; Susanna Ferrar, Philipp Wachsmann – violin; Steve Beresford – piano; Douglas Benford – harmonium; Trevor Taylor – vibraphone, percussion; Phil Durrant – octave mandola; Dave Tucker, Martin Vishnick – guitar; Dave Fowler, Emil Karlsen, Brian Styles – drums. Conductors (in reverse alphabetical order): Ashley Wales, Philipp Wachsmann, Martin Vishnick, Dave Tucker, Charlotte Keeffe, Steve Beresford.