Sun 8 April 4pm | £6 on the door

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IKLECTIK presents

Marco Malasomma + Grundik Kasyansky

Sunday 8 April doors 4pm – music 4.30pm | £6 tickets on the door


Visuals by SCUAL

JURA is the latest work by Marco Malasomma (composer, percussionist and electronic musician). The work is configured as a concept album that, taking its name from the island where George Orwell concluded the writing of the famous novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, draws parallels with it; revolving around two discursive threads: a reflection on modern society and a analysis of the role of the artist’s place of residence, while in the act of artistic creation.

JURA, a remote Scottish island, in fact, represents for the artist an ideal escape place in which to find oneself, one’s own humanity and one’s critical thinking far from the pressures of society.

It’s not an easy place, though, JURA. It is isolated, impervious, harsh, so much that at that time, the already precarious conditions of Orwell worsened up to Tuberculosis. But it is also the place where there is the opportunity to analyze and describe the world today with a lucid and detached look.

From this basis, Malasomma creates an association and continuous parallels between the Orwellian vision arising from remote place both in time and space, and the modern times; where the information is in a continuous present, distorted and simultaneously proposed in antithetical thesis and concepts, which are able to remove
critical thinking and perception of oneself and the surrounding reality.

The music follows this vision: in fact, it varies from drone/ambient atmospheres, to tribal rhythms, arriving to tracks with a strong electronic matrix; where ambient sounds meet, acoustic pianos and tight rhythmics. In this way, the martial gait of the clapping hands, winking at the minimalism of Steve Reich, is contrasted
with ‘layers of memory’ formed by echoes of voices and distant noises.

Scual – Special Cures for Uncurable Anaesthetised Lovers – is a multimedia project started by Lorenzo Ciciani in late 2006. Born as an experimental web platform for the publication of multidisciplinary projects, as result of personal works and collaborations, it moved on the physical plane, first with the activity of vjing, then by proposing multimedia performances and installations. Its aesthetic research focuses on the permeation of different media categories, synthesized through the digital processing, emphasizing the distortions and discontinuities that occur between this passage. Scual is one of the initiatives behind the creation of the network of artistic research, Stochastic Resonance.




Grundik Kasyansky (b. 1974, Moscow) is a London-based artist and electronic musician who works in experimental improvisation, live installation, audio collage, and designs sound for dance, theatre and film. He wrote poetry before switching to electronic music and it deeply influenced his current practice.

Current projects:

Solo –

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