Sascha Brosamer / Chi Him Chik / xname / Mariam Rezaei…

IKLECTIK presents,

NOISEMAS PARTY: Sasha Brosamer & Chi Him Chik / xname / Mariam Rezaei / Tommy Sissons / SW1n-Hunter + Jonathan Crabb DJ

Saturday 11 December 2021 | 5:30pm [5pm doors] – Open till midnight!

Tickets: £9 Early Bird / £13 General Admission

IKLECTIK is thrilled to announce an all day music to celebrate NOISEMAS together in collaboration with TOPH and NO ONE WANTS IT we are bringing to you an audiovisual performance and documentary, noise and harsh music, slamming sounds, piercing words, luminous nails and zero bullshit!

TOPH presents award-winning poet and writer Tommy Sissons (‘A Small Man’s England’, Repeater Books). Accompanying him is Mariam Rezaei (TOPH/TUSK Fringe), who will debut her new album ‘BOWN’ on two turntables.

Event curated by Mariam Razaei, Sasha Brosamer and produced by IKLECTIK.


5pm doors
5:30pm Tommy Sissons
6:00 Jonathan Crabb DJ
6:15pm no one wants it
6:45 Jonathan Crabb DJ
07:00 TBC
7:30 Jonathan Crabb DJ
8:30 Jonathan Crabb DJ
9:00 xname
9:30 Jonathan Crabb DJ
10:00 Mariam Razei
10:30 Jonathan Crabb DJ

Sascha Brosamer & Chi Him Chik

Sascha Brosamer & Chi Him Chik present an audiovisual performance and documentary pays homage to the fallen pearl, reflects the cycle of pain and tears of the lost city Hong Kong, voices and screams for the victims of violence. With Noise, expression and thoughts made possible. Chaos will be the new colour, hoarse will be the new song; no one in, and no one out. At this moment, change is the only way, logic and love is the only potion. At this moment, everyone is a revolution.


xname aka Eleonora Oreggia is an Italian musician and media artist based in London, UK.

She creates performances and interactive installations using light, sound, dust and self-made sensor-driven synthesisers. Her music features elements of techno, ambient drone and industrial. She is also the founder of Nebularosa Records – a label promoting music and musicians who challenge established production practices.

xname is the creator of REBUS, a musical instrument that senses changes in the electromagnetic field it generates. It then uses the sensor data gathered to modulate sound and light.

Tommy Sissons

Tommy Sissons is an award-winning poet, political writer, playwright, educator and the literary editor of GRASS Magazine. His debut polemic, ‘A Small Man’s England’, was published in 2021. He has toured his performance poetry across Europe and worked as the poet-in-residence of Channel 4’s TV series Four to the Floor.

Mariam Rezaei

Mariam Rezaei is an award winning composer, turntablist and performer.   She leads experimental arts project TOPH in Newcastle. TOPH curate a regular series of concerts #SWARM along with an annual TUSK FRINGE for TUSK Festival. ( (  Recent releases include ’SKEEN’ on Fractal Meat Cuts (, ‘The End of The World…Finally’ with Sam Goff on Cacophonous Revival Recordings ( and ‘Veil’, a collaboration with Stephen Bishop on TUSK Editions ( A new duo release with opera singer Alya Al-Sultani is due for release in September 2021 on Takuroku.

Mariam presents a podcast on contemporary turntablism called  ‘These Are The Breaks…’ and is guest DJ on’ Radical Scotland’ by Stewart Smith, both on ‘BOWN’, the third album in the triptych ‘BLUD : SKEEN : BOWN,’ is due for release, late 2021.


Ph Credit: Murray Ward

SW1n-Hunter is the solo music project of Adam Denton. Denton works across media and context as a performer, composer, organiser and researcher. In this live scenario he may combine frequency sculpture, machine/human utterance, vibrating iron, malfunctioning electronic devices, feedback systems, app-work, and movement. He was the co-initiator of TOPH.


London/Orkney based Nomad, Photographer, Vinyl Addict & Collector of Sounds.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates,
educated, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”