Memories of Lost Futures

IKLECTIK presents:


‘Memories of Lost Futures’ with Pascal Savy and Tomas Nordmark


Sat 8 December | doors open 8pm – music 8.30pm |  £8 adv / £10 door BUY TICKETS


Sound artists and composers Pascal Savy (FR/UK) and Tomas Nordmark (SE/UK) team up for ‘Memories of Lost Futures’, their new collaborative project presented at IKLECTIK for the first time. The London residents will use hundreds of years old sacred compositions as a point of departure for their performances and will seek to re-contextualise them into critical and forward-looking electronic compositions as a way to explore alternative forms of a future that failed to happen.

The late cultural theorist and writer Mark Fisher argued with the concept of hauntology (Jaques Derrida, 1993) that we are haunted by a future that failed to happen, thus leaving us in a stasis of the present. Fisher gives examples on the effect of hauntology within popular culture such as a the lack of real inventiveness in modern music that instead championing repetition of decades old concepts and styles – which Fisher argues has initiated “the slow cancellation of the future” (Franco Beradi, 2011).

Using ancient compositions embodying a sense of timeless transcendence as a form of extreme hyper-anachronism, Savy and Nordmark will perform two new electronic pieces manifesting the haunting state of a future that we lost. In the process they hope to use this hyper-anachronism as a possible vehicle for an aftertime. Both artists believes this aftertime could be a luminosity or a brilliance, concealed in archaic fragments and revealed through a process of transmutation.

Pascal Savy is a French sound artist and performer based in London. He started making music in the late nineties influenced by early techno and experimental electronic music. Over the last decade he has explored sparser and calmer territories often reflecting on time, presence and the elusiveness of reality. In parallel to his interest in more minimal and quiet music, he has been heavily influenced by the writings of cultural and political theorist Mark Fisher and has in consequence explored more reactive and politically charged terrains. His recent album ‘Dislocations’, released on Experimedia in May 2018, was conceptualised and articulated around the concepts and ideas developed in ‘Capitalist Realism’ in which Fisher surveys and analyses the symptoms of our current cultural and political malaise.

Tomas Nordmark is Swedish sound artist and composer living in London, UK. He is signed to Brooklyn based label Valley of Search where he’s releasing the album “Eternal Words” in January 2019. The first two singles off the album, “Speaking” and “Words”, have recently been featured on radiostations such as NTS, The Lake Radio and Radio Regent. His compositions and works have been featured in short films, theatre plays and in exhibitions, while engaging in artistic research, Nordmark’s projects are investigations in the humanities, the natural and the unknown.

Originally from Germany, Hanzo Schwarz is a visual artist and designer based in London. Working across various disciplines, his focus is on realtime visuals. His experience in graphic design, coding and motion graphics made it possible to further explore the connection between visuals and moving performers during his art residency in Chile earlier this year. His journey continues to link visuals and sounds from diverse genres. Using sound reactive and motion sensitive approaches to create realtime design results in slow build ups of mesmerising shapes and forms, to reveal ideas and make them accessible to the audience. A controlled chaos of organic nature. His work can be experienced during music and art events, AV performances, club nights and festivals.