Nomad Electropixel Club

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IKLECTIK presents,

Tuesday 21 August doors 7pm – music 7.30pm | £8 adv / £10  door  BUY TICKET (fees apply)

Nomad Electropixel Club – London.
Catch the machine ghost!


A festival of emerging digital cultures and free electronic practices, Electropixel is part of an international network of electronic arts festivals. It opens a singular space where artists (audiovisuals, musicians, visual artists, intermediates, performers, etc.), theoreticians, programmers, hackers, inventors of all kinds and makers of everyday life can meet



Solar Return – modular synth new music composition

Nantes based artists Jenny Pickett and Julien Ottavi created Solar Return in 2009. Taking electromagnetic phenomena as a starting point for their audio creations. They have produced various scores for dual audio synths/oscillators/DIY electronics etc…which reflect patterns and electromagnetic events such as solar flares and inner city mobile phone mast end as well as the unfathomable audio world of kitchen appliances. Through their performances the duo tunnel deep into the world of frequency, static and sound as a physical experience.



Enerzion – diy electronics and circuit bending music

The Enerzion project comes from a fascination for the “energy space”.  Enerzion’s performances are characterized by the live arrangement of sounds from everyday objects.Electromagnetic recordings, circuit-bending, sampled field-recording, fuel a practice that examines our hyper-electronic environment.  These captures allow the realize of a hyper materialism become at best a decor.



Gabriel Vogel – sculpture and diy motors improvIt is a machine that produces sound from disc rotations at different speeds made from materials such as plexiglass, rusted steel, galvanized steel, pressed against one another. These materials have various resonances and different frictions. Gabriel Vogel is a painter, drummer and sculptor using different materials to achieve his vision of lost mechanical post-industrial forms of art.


Anne-Sophie Lecreurer – AV micro-electronics performance

Beyond musical experimentation, her visual approach questions, through drawing, society and its ways of consuming, communicating and behaving. Through productions, influenced by sociology – in particular cultural-studies – which try to visualize the environment and the world around us: the place of women, supermarket shelves, architecture, pop culture, capitalism, bad food, human relationships, science fiction …


Tom White 
Tom White lives and works in London. His work traverses multi-media platforms including sound, experimental film and video, installation and live performance. He has exhibited and performed internationally and published many sound works since 2009 (Vitrine, Chocolate Monk, My Dance the Skull, Alien Passengers). In 2014 he won the British Composer Award in Sonic Art for his piece Public Address, commissioned by the South London Gallery. Performance credits include appearances at NZZN Festival, Rotterdam; Colour out of Space Festival, Brighton; Ende Tymes Festival, New York; Poesia Carnosa Festival, Rome; Spoken Weird, Whitechapel Gallery; MK Gallery; South London Gallery; Café OTO (with Graham Dunning & John Macedo), Radiophrenia, Glasgow and a recent UK duo tour with Maya Dunietz.


Minus Pilots

Minus Pilots

Minus Pilots is percussionist Matt Pittori and bassist Adam Barringer. Together they weave sparse textures, crumbling atmospheres and fractured drones with currents of gentle crackle. Minus Pilots have performed in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, London, Milan and Paris.


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