off{d}shelf – the eclectic in the artist’s book 29th – 31st May

0 Posted by - May 24, 2015 - Exhibition: Past

‘Off the shelf: the eclectic in the artist’s book’ is an exhibition dedicated to artist’s publications. It aims to bring together contributions from a variety of formats and editions that consider the eclectic in it’s essence . Eclectic is a word that emerged in Ancient Greece. It denominated a group of philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognised school of thought, but selected and created their doctrines as they wished getting inspiration from various schools. We are therefore aiming for artist books that experiment with an array of styles,  inspired from and recombining a broad and diverse range of sources.

‘Off the shelf: the eclectic in the artist’s book’ exhibition welcomes submissions from a wide range of genres, including: handmade books, object-books, sculptural books, altered books, installation books, photobooks, photozines, print-on-demand books, zines, serial editions (artists’ magazines), multimedia books and ebooks or any other  you might see fitting into the ‘book’ category.