Rebecca Salvadori, The Sun Has No Shadow – Day 1

IKLECTIK presents,

Rebecca Salvadori, The Sun Has No Shadow, two evenings of music films

Thursday 27 October 2022 | Doors: 7:30pm | First Act: 8pm

Our outdoor Kiosk will be open from 11am

Tickets: £11.20 Advance / £13 OTD

Rebecca Salvadori, The Sun Has No Shadow
Two Evenings of Music Films
Over the past 10 years video artist and filmmaker Rebecca Salvadori has engaged with experimental music, with a great interest in finding ways to connect the moving image with sound practices, performance and alternative forms of storytelling. The Sun Has No Shadow, Two Evenings of Music Films presents a selection of her film works in
combination with connected live performances.

Thursday 27th of October will focus on video experiments, collaborations, music videos and portrait films such as Continuum, made with Sofia Mattioli, the premiere of Scott Young’s Compression Release Time, Andy Stott’s Hard To Tell, animation synchronized and non synchronized exercises of arrhythmic empathy and much more.
Live performances of past and regular collaborators such as composer and cellist Sandro Mussida, DJ and producer Scott Young will be intertwined between the films.

Empathy, 2019
Jung Jae Uk, 2008
Hard to Tell, Andy Stott, 2021
Euroemptiness + Dave, 2013
synchronized and non-synchronized exercises of arrhythmic empathy, 2017
Portraits of Friends, 2021
Elementary Parallelism, made in collaboration with Jonathan Gillie, 2020
Lilian’s vow, 2019
Compression Release Time, 2021
Continuum, made in collaboration with Sofia Mattioli, 2015
Scott Young [Live]

Scott Young

“Satin Doll, Dopamine Rider, Scott Young, Human. Multiple avenues of work coalesce around an artist whose time spent between Hong Kong, Berlin and Bristol has seen techno, dub and house experiments grace a variety of labels worldwide, most recently with ‘Post Peace’ on Italy’s Over Our Heads.  Young’s sound is often accompanied with hints of humour, futurism and digital paranoia amidst fragmented narrative clues of failed hard-drives, late nights and cheap hostels. Piece it all together and the duality of dancefloor convention vs playful, off the grid sound abstractions results in constant battle. One that ebbs and flows with regularity but also with surprise.” – Fergus Clark

Rebecca Salvadori

Rebecca Salvadori works at the intersection between video art and documentary. She has a long experience of filming environments with a focus on non-hierarchical/ chronological layering and sequencing of audio to footage. Her film works act as constellations of highly personal and wilfully elusive heterogeneous elements: multifaceted portraits of moments, people and environments that can be approached from different angles as they move in between personal and transpersonal scales. Her audio/visual work has been exhibited at venues and festivals such as ICA, South London Gallery (UK), НИИ niimoscow Science & Art (RUS), Macro Museum of Contemporary Art (IT), Barbican Art Center (UK), Festival of Film and Animation Olomouc (CZ), Festival IMAGES(CH), Crosstalk video art Festival (HU), David Lynch’s Silencio (FR), SCHNUCK Glaspalais (NL), Sophiensaele Theatre (DE), III Point Festival Miami (US), No Bounds Festival x Warp Records(UK), Camden Arts Centre on Cork Street (UK), Cafe Oto (UK), Photoworks for Peckahm24, Photo London (UK).

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.