Sculpture + Nnja Riot + DJ Shlucht

IKLECTIK presents,

Sculpture + Nnja Riot + DJ Shlucht + DJ Bunnyhausen

Sunday 7 May 2023 | Start: 3pm
Our Kiosk opens from 3pm.

Tickets: £10.50 Advance / £12 OTD

Party/visionsonic republic inauguration ritual. Live and volatile AV forms, noise fluorescence, digital/physical recomposition, impromptu arrangements + dancefloor slayers.

3pm – 6:30pm: Outdoor DJ sets & sensory happenings

6:30pm – close: Indoor live sets from Sculpture, Nnja Riot, DJ Shlucht [DIYchurch] + DJ sets for dancefloor and other zones

Warning: Some performances might use strobes and/or flashing lights.


Audiovisual duo, Sculpture, aka musician Dan Hayhurst & visual artist/animator Reuben Sutherland, explore temporary states of digital/physical recomposition, device misuse, comic strips, video art & multisensory perception. Utilizing a chaotic library of zoetropic prints, Sutherland’s visual turntablism combines pre-cinema imaging with cutting-edge digital techniques in hallucinatory loops and cut ups. There’s a clear sensory connection with Hayhurst’s volatile electronic music forms, free associations pursuing an obscure logic.

Nnja Riot

Photo by Estie Joy Photography

Nnja Riot is the project of multidisciplinary artist Lisa McKendrick. Her music is an exploration into the possibilities of instruments, electronics, collected sounds and the human voice. She performs with a combination of samplers, sequencers, self-built and modified synths. Onstage she likes to explore ideas of art as ritual through self-made costume and objects. Her collected sounds reference the understanding of place through sound and the spiritual significance of locations revisited. She has co-designed the Fort Processor and Chernobylizer which are psychogeographic experimental synths.

DJ Shlucht (DIY Church)

Hailing from Berlin DJ SchluchT works at DIY Church as one of their unpaid interns since more than 10 years. He made himself a name with abstract social behaviour online and in real live as well as naive ghost coding and tape looping. Basically it always sounds the same or like one of his critics once said: “classic intuitive wrongfootedness”. When he is not djing or radioing or helping out at westgermany, shlucht likes to sit in his virtual bay & watch his yachts, little known but he runs a virtual yacht club where he shares his enthusiasm for underwater landscape painting and networked waves and content management systems.

DJ Bunnyhausen (DJ)

DJ Bunnyhausen plays Pan-Slavic electronic music as one half of Slav to the Rhythm and records kosmische jungle techno as Xylitol.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.