Sound Yard – Exhibition – free

0 Posted by - July 11, 2016 - Exhibition: Past


IKLECTIK Art Lab is glad to introduce SOUND YARD, an open air platform to exhibit artworks in an urban oasis, where sound waves could interact and shape the space, challenging different surfaces and atmospheric conditions.

We are constantly harassed by extremely loud noises and sounds from urban environments. As a consequence, the daily urban soundscape nurtures us with subliminal inputs that we absorb and metabolize.

After the call out, SOUND YARD is proud to announce the eight artists that through six exhibitions will face the dichotomy of the World we live in, divided between Nature and Nurture:

Dan Knight
Benford & Olins
Michael Ridge
Peter Barnard
Daniel James Ross
Julie Pickard & Seth Scott

Natural, urban, abstract and processed sounds will be questioned through installations and ideas that integrate into but also challenge IKLECTIK’s garden.

Check out to get details and news about the artists and the exhibitions!