The future is not what it was the past isn’t getting any better either 20th-26th July

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Charlie Fjätström               Ÿ               Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterød               Ÿ               Tor Simen Ulstein

“The future is not what it was the past isn´t getting any better either”, is a group exhibition put together by three Norwegian photographers based in Oslo. Charlie Fjätström, Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterød and Tor Simen Ulstein create lens-based art and will present their projects that have three different approaches —memory, the present, and the future. With his pictures of both city residents and rural dwellers, Charlie asks, what is life? Is it two friends sound asleep at the Kebab House, with all their belongings and their un-finished meals on the table? Or is it the woman singing and dancing at the same time at the local dance in a city with a population of 300? Charlie has managed to capture pictures of people in their daily life in sometimes very self-realising situations; these pictures will make anyone contemplate life, the self and the ego. Astrid has been observing people too, but in a very different manner, as her pictures are of lights that are turned on during the day.  The lights tell us a great deal about human behaviour, our relationship with electricity, consumption, and how we have lost the threat of consequence. Tor Simen has photographed objects, a waste bin with a white canvas behind it. This is to separate the object from its surroundings and give it a new meaning and/or purpose. What happens to the photographed object when it stands alone? Will our understood association to the object be the same? Does it lose its value and become something different from what it is?

the future is not what it was the past isn't getting any better either