The Roedelius Cells – Tim Story with Hans-Joachim Roedelius [MATINEE]

IKLECTIK presents,

The Roedelius Cells – an Audio Installation by Tim Story with Hans-Joachim Roedelius [MATINEE]

Friday 28 July 2023 | Doors: 1:30pm | Start: 2pm
Our Kiosk will open from 1:30pm.

Tickets: £7 General Admission

Conversation + Audio Installation

The Roedelius Cells is a unique audio experience, conceived and created by Grammy-nominated composer/sound artist Tim Story, with piano by Hans-Joachim Roedelius. The installation consists of a cycle of unconventional sonic ‘sculptures’, constructed by Story from thousands of short extracts culled from a decade of informal piano recordings made with friend and colleague Roedelius. Story repurposes and recombines these audio fragments – some only fractions of a second in length – into entirely new compositions.

Reproduced by a circular array of eight discrete audio channels – each representing a distinct layer – the combinations that visitors experience coalesce and evolve in unrepeatable ways as they explore the soundstage. The configuration allows Story’s rich mosaics of sound to be unwound, like the dabs of paint in an impressionist painting, back into their component parts – fundamentally extending the act of composition to each individual participant. Blurring distinctions of authorship, appropriation, and composition itself, The Roedelius Cells subverts expectations of what ‘piano music’ can be.
A celebration of the music of Story’s friend Roedelius, Cells is also a meditation on the human mind and its restless search for order and beauty in the clutter of the everyday.

Tim Story

Photo by Ingo Pertramer

Grammy-nominated American composer and sound artist Tim Story (b. 1957) has been called a “true artist in the electronic medium” (Victory Review, USA). Through three decades of influential recordings, live performances and audio installations, Story’s unique blend of inspired composition and innovative sound design has garnered a dedicated worldwide following. His recent audio installation The Roedelius Cells has beenexhibited in museums and new music festivals in Europe and the US, including the prestigious Big Ears Festival in 2019.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Photo by Ingo Pertramer

Austria-based German composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius has profoundly influenced generations of musicians in a career spanning more than a half-century and over 100 solo and collaborative recordings. From his groundbreaking duo Cluster with Dieter Moebius, to his genre-crossing solo works and collaborations with luminaries including Brian Eno, Roedelius has exerted an indelible, global impact on ambient, electronic, experimental, and wholly undefinable genres of music.

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