White Noise 43 – Album Launch

IKLECTIK presents,

White Noise 43 – Album Launch

Wednesday 28 June 2023 | Doors: 7:30pm – Start: 8pm
Our Kiosk opens 1 hour before doors.

Tickets: £6 adv / £10 otd https://link.dice.fm/Jd9df59c9bef

The 43rd edition of White Noise marks the second album launch in its history and the official record label launch. White Noise explores live sound performance and encourages experimental approaches in a supportive environment. Performers can experiment freely without the stress of a regular concert. To be experimental and creative is our aim and if people explore, discover and create outside of their comfort zone that is the success we’re after. Regular live performances always have a relative high degree of stress involved due to the pressure of expected success. At White Noise we invite members to focus on possibilities of experimentation, succeeding is not an aim but stress free experimentation is.

20.00 : Kristina Kapilin and Ojasvani Dahiya – Flux (4 minute audio piece)
20.05 : Chun Chun, Yanyan Sun Zijing Xia – Divine Nomads (4 minute video)

20.10 : Bryan Yueshen Wu (Live performance)
20.30 : Susan Atwill  & Tommy Jesse Thompson (Live performance)
20:50 : Break
21:10 : Straywool (Live Performance)
21.30 : Barney Kass (Live Performance)

Kristina Kapilin and Ojasvani Dahiya – Flux

In response to the theme of degradation, this 4 minute excerpt of the full 12 minute piece points to the importance of rivers in the formation of identity and memory and brings awareness to how the ecological crisis degrades both the rivers themselves and our relationships with them. https://www.sound-kitchen.net/kristina-kapilin-ojasvani-dahiya

Chun Chun, Yanyan Sun Zijing Xia – Divine Nomads

“Our customary visible order is not the only one: it co-exists with other orders.” Nomads are the untamed part of mankind that wanders through them. They follow the sight of reindeer and night birds into the world of elves and ghosts.They stand between the frames and frames of everyday perception, answering the vague pain and loneliness of human —— the importance of life and the unimportance of life, the equality and equalities.

Bryan Yueshen Wu

Bryan Yueshen Wu, based in London, is an interdisciplinary art creator with a background in industrial design. He explores the intersection of immersion and interactivity, investigating new forms of reality and existence. By combining sonic making, computing, and performance, Bryan creates multi-sensory experiences, touching on themes like self, perception, nature, and algorithms.https://bbbryan.com

Susan Atwill & Jesse Thompson

Susan Atwill is a research-based artist and sound hunter from Sunderland. Inspired by language, dialect & geology of North East England, her work navigates the relationships between heritage and inheritance through sound, photography, film and sculpture.https://www.instagram.com/stopstartin
Jesse Thompson is a London-based artist working with sound, data, and code. His research revolves around ways to synthesise complex systems into intuitive, accessible experiences and exploring ways appropriate technologies can better integrate humans into the polyphony of the more-than-human world.https://s01e01.xyz


Layers of piano, tape loops, samples, and noise.https://straywool.bandcamp.com

Barney Kass

Barney Kass is an audio-visual artist and electronic musician making experiences and workshops which use sound, visuals, and technology to explore the connection between people and their environments.https://www.barneykass.com

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.